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Electronic Control Parts


·Setting unit price(0-99.99)
·Presetting money(1-9999.99)
·Presetting volume(1-9999.99)
·Rounding sales figures during filling
·Check 10 times sales records
·Check accumalative shifts and totals(099999999.99)
·Display dispensedvolume when power failure occures
·Allow for connection to PC in the fufure
·Safe electric circle Anti-explosion Mark: EXib¶AT4                               Anti-explosion license:CE012070

Electronic Parts
Product ID: S20


Hongyang electronic totalizer has used embedded system chip, membrane-protected keypad,solid-state electronic switch, real-time intelligent calculation and user-friendly interface. The totalizer features stable performance,accuracy metering,good anti-electromagnetism and allowance for broad voltage variance.The totalizer is easy to use allowing operations without consulting handbook. The totalizer has been proved as the most reliable component of fuel dispensers since it was launched onto global market five years ago.

Electronic Control Parts
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