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Fuel Dispenser

Fuel dispenser are used in petroleum-retail service stations for filling lightweight oil including gasoline or diesel etc. We have taken up the production of fuel dispenser since1992. Among our gigantic business portfolio, oil transfer pumps were first put on our agenda and then mechanical fuel dispensers, electronic fuel dispenser in subsequence.
Our fuel dispensers have 3 series, namely, C series, D series and S series. All of the series share the same electronic system, which consists of flow meter, combination pump, auto nozzle etc. But C series is little in size and has a general outline with hoses from the middle. And D series contains jambs with stainless steel and hoses from the top. Then S series have a novel streamline outline and hoses from the top, which is bigger in size in comparison with the other ones.

Part of Fuel dispenser

Hongyang Machinery is the largest base of fuel dispenser accessories in China. On one hand, lots of favorable experience for fuel dispensers has been accumulated during the practice of production, on the other, owing to the increasing orders of the clients from different countries, we are proven to have met many national standards.

Submersible Pump

The submersible pumps are used in fuel dispensers for reduction of total cost, environmental protection and low noise.

Fuel Management system

Fuel Management System is used to make dispensers start, stop and print tickets by PC software control,

POS Payment

Printing tickets meantime.

Custom products

We have the capacity to make fuel dispensers with popular outline and popular parts in your country.
fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser
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