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Country: Indonesia
Rudy Sutanto
Director, Premier Electric Work Co.

The excellent performance of Hongyang fuel dispensers has solidified our leading position in the oil dispenser field. - Said Mr. Rudy Sutanto
Liquid MeasurementsDetails:
I have been dealing in the sales of oil dispensers for more than 20 years. The dispensers I've sold so far covered most of the world's famous brands. I'm familiar with not only the old-fashioned mechanical dispensers but also the now days new-style computerized ones. I can also repair them. In 2001, I purchased several sample dispensers from Hongyang. I sent them to our Indonesia governmental institution for testing. The testing results were very satisfactory. I then signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the Hongyang company. Over two years have passed and the Hongyang fuel dispensers have been widely used in Indonesia. I haven't received any complaints about the quality of Hongyang's fuel dispensers. Thanks to Hongyang's quality products, I have solidified my position in the Indonesia market for fuel dispensers. I plan to further expand my sales of Hongyang's fuel dispensers. Now I have become the sole agency for Hongyang's fuel dispensers in Indonesia.

Country: India
D. Malali
General Manager, Chronos Enterprises

Hongyang fuel dispensers boast of competitive prices with performance excelling imported counterparts.

Details :

The launching of Hongyang fuel dispensers into India market has produced profound shocks among local petrol community. Thanks to their excellent performance and competitive prices, Hongyang fuel dispensers excel European dispensers to great extent. Hongyang fuel dispensers are easy to install and repair. India is a great developing country. A large part of the country's rural areas still suffers shortage of power supply and has to generate electricity by themselves. This specific situation calls for fuel dispensers that can have not only single-phase electric motors but also three-phase electric motors. Hongyang supplies both kinds of electric motors catering to this special demand in India's rural areas. "Hongyang fuel dispensers are our gospels", said local people.


Country: Pakistan
Asmat Aziz
General Manager
,Janjua Import & Export Co.

Both Hongyang's fuel dispensers and their main parts boast of excellent anti-explosion performance and good adaptability to temperature variance. Our company is a trading company dealing in a wide range of products. Our markets mainly cover tropic areas, demanding for fuel dispensers that can stand high temperatures. Hongyang fuel dispensers meet the temperature requirement completely, enabling our sales to rise continuously in the past years.


Country: Iran
A.R. Gani
General Manager, Velayate Trade Co.

Hongyang fuel dispensers feature novel and elegant designs as well as reliable performance. They are easy to use and repair, bringing a number of new customers to my company.


My customers have used Hongyang's fuel dispensers for many years. So far I haven't received any complaints about the quality of Hongyang's products. The streamlined structure of Hongyang dispensers has given my customers a completely new look. When the samples arrived at my shop, everyday there were more than a dozen people came to have a look at them. Hongyang fuel dispensers have greatly boosted the image of my company and have brought us a number of new customers.


Country: Bangladesh
Aftab Khan
General Manager, AL-AQSA IMPORT CO.

The fuel dispensers produced by Hongyang Machinery Factory have been well received by local market. The factory also supplies together with the fuel dispensers main spare parts, including flow meters, combination pumps, electronic integration systems, and so on. The supply of these spare parts enables customers to change the parts of their fuel dispensers easily after several years of usage. With the supply of these parts, the customers don't have to buy new dispensers, thus saving a lot of money for them and making them become loyal customers.

Hongyang fuel dispensers have satisfied the market demand in this country and have been well liked by local customers. Hongyang Machinery Factory also supplies main spare parts of fuel dispensers, including flow meters, combination pumps, and electronic integration systems and so on at low prices. The supply has been highly praised by local users. It not only enables customers to change parts easily after several years of usage but also cuts costs for them. The initiative has not only attracted a lot of new customers but also made new customers into loyal clients.

fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser fuel dispenser
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