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Auto nozzle and electronic fuel dispenser

Fuel dispenser with embedded system.

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auto nozzle Flow meter, automatic nozzle, fuel pump etc key products with machine center.
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Quality means a vital principle for a company. On this strategy Hongyang Factory has been making strenuous efforts to obtain a consummate quality certification. Since its establishment in 1992, we have been engaged in the manufacture of oil-transfer pump and thereby undertook a successive development and production of the whole array of fuel dispenser's accessories which is inclusive of flow meter, combination pump, flow valve, automatic nozzle and pulse sensor. As a result of diversification, our main focus was fixed on researches on the fuel dispensing system and therefore we put out our first mechanical fuel dispenser series in 1992. Shortly after that, the first Hongyang brand-name electronic dispensers are put into market, too. During a decade-plus upgrowth and expansion, we have accumulated considerable experience in the production of fuel dispenser. Facts have proved that our products command a ready sale at home and abroad especially our IC card dispensing systems.

Hongyang Factory has a strong interest in building reciprocal business relationships with the customers from every territory in the world who share in a lofty aspiration to promote our fuel dispensers. We will certainly spare no efforts to exploit our common market in a concerted and amicable collaboration with you.
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Auto nozzle & fuel dispensers 

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We provide a whole array of the related containments of fuel dispenser such as flow meter, combination pump, automatic nozzle and flow control valve.
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